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Parenting in the time of coronavirus

W. and I are both working from home and caring for our three-year-old son, M. In the mornings, M. and I. log on for a Zoom call with his preschool teacher, the 3 students who are on campus with her, and the other 2 students who are logging in from home. We have a brief meeting with them and then go about our day, sometimes doing lots of interesting activities and other days just vegging out in front of the TV. W’s mom comes over six days a week for several hours, which is the only reason I ever get any work done.


I’m in the writing phase of the dissertation process. I’m so close to being doen with my first full draft. I’m hoping to have very few revisions.

Making time for fun

I’m digging into the lore of Star Wars with the help of the Star Wars Canon Timeline. I go in release order, except I’m also up to date on The Mandalorian. I’m currently in the middle of Season 1 of Clone Wars.

I’m crocheting a giant sweater. After that, I think I might go on a shawl tear for a bit.

I’m dipping my toe into video games again; I played the first 11 minutes or so of Xenoblade Chronicles and hope to pick it up again soon.

Last updated December 2, 2020.

Kimberly Hirsh @kimberlyhirsh