Poetry Friday

In honor of the end of school and in light of the fact that I have an in-service workshop today, I'm posting poems about school.

I found a whole collection of school-related poems at poetryteachers.com.  My favorite is "My Teacher Loves Her iPod."  I also like "My Teacher Sees Right Through Me."  "Confession" is another fun one.  I'm not posting quotes because they're all too short.

There's another collection at Funny Poems and Children's Poetry.  I like "My Teacher's Voicemail Message":

This is Mrs. Crane and I'm pretending I'm not home.
I wish you pesky little kids would just leave me alone.

Read the rest here.

"The Last Day of School" is fun, too.

Summer vacation is starting today.
The teachers are shouting out, "Hip, hip, hooray!"

Read  the rest here.

Enjoy!  Today's roundup is at The Simple and the Ordinary.

Kimberly Hirsh @kimberlyhirsh
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